Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Game of Thrones and that infamous scene

Oh boy. Is the internet ever in a tizzy over this past Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones. The tizzy is not so much about what's going on on the show story wise... it's about the writer's interpretation of a certain scene between the show's two most morally ambiguous characters, Jaime and Cersei Lannister.

Before I get to that, I just want to say that Game of Thrones is currently one of the best shows on television. It's well written, has good character development (not to mention, like, 300 characters... so many people, man) and interesting plots that keep the show moving. It's one of the most interesting shows I've seen on TV since Lost.

With that said, Game of Thrones is also one of the most violent, sex crazed, morally divisive shows on TV as well. There is incest (ewwww), people slaughtering people, people using black magic to make events happen, and a whole lot of sex. There's more sex on this show than I think I've seen on any other HBO show that I've watched. Hell, "Sex and the City" had less sex in the show, and that show had the word "sex" in the title!

One of the reasons I like the show so much is because I think it truly reflects how people function in society. Some people do good things and are rewarded for it. Some people do good things and have bad things happen to them (the poor Stark family springs to mind here). Some people do bad things and get their comeuppance. And some people do bad things and totally get away with it (King Joffrey had a good run on the show torturing his subjects for threeish seasons).

And that's life. It's unfortunate that it plays out this way. Just because you are a honest person doesn't mean that if you don't play the game every now and then that you'll never have to worry about losing your head (poor Ned Stark). Even the most honest person on Earth has to tell a few white lies and do a few crazy things to survive every once in awhile. But in contrast, even if you are in power and get away with abusing it for a long period of time, it doesn't mean that eventually your day in the sun won't come. Every action has a reaction, every decision we make has consequences, good or bad.

From what I've read on various blogs, people have had a hard time watching this show because of all of the crazy morally ambiguous things that a lot of the characters on the show do. I'm in agreeance with them on a lot of it - I mean, watching a love scene between Jaime Lannister and his SISTER Cersei is enough to make anyone scream. But unfortunately, incest was highly prevalent in society back then. Hell, it still happens today (gross). Also, watching men slaughter women and children, people cutting off people's heads, people stabbing babies, people cheating on their spouses with prostitutes... ugh to all of it. I'm not condoning any of it... I'm just pointing out that even though all of those things are awful, lots of those things that may have happened a long time ago in medieval society still go on in 2014. I just think that the show is a huge reflection on how people operate and do things to survive in this world. Even though these characters operate in a fictional universe, they were all loosely based on ACTUAL people who lived a long time who did these things. And in my opinion, society hasn't changed much since then.

Back to the "scene" this week between Jaime and Cersei Lannister (pictured). Now, in the TV show, after Jaime and Cersei's son the king (born out of incest... ewwww) died, Jaime asked everyone to leave the room where his "nephew's" body was being held so that Cersei could say goodbye. He ended up staying in the room with her. They talked a bit, and Jaime tried to comfort Cersei (by making out... ewwww). And as soon as Cersei felt Jaime's metal hand (he got it chopped off after running his mouth too much in Season 2) touch her face, she pulled away, disgusted. But he wanted to "be" with her anyway, and ended up forcing himself on her. And then they did the deed.

Now, it gets tricky because Cersei at first said no. And then she turned around and didn't stop him from kissing her. And then she said no again. And then he ripped her dress. And then she said "this isn't right", but it then it seemed like she relented. I think she relented. I'm not sure. They let the scene end with him on top of her, with what looked like him "raping" her.

This is what happened on the TV show. In the books, their lovemaking, however, was consensual. And fans of the show are mad.

I'm not going to address the whole "rape" thing or whether he did it or didn't do it. Rape is a very dicey topic to discuss, and I'd rather not give my opinion on the matter. It looked like he raped her, but, considering the history between Jaime and Cersei (a very dysfunctional one), I don't know if he did. I'm going to see what happens next episode and see how the writers handle the aftermath of that situation.

My issue with the blog forums is that people are upset because Jaime, in the books, even though he has done some morally reprehensible things (like pushing a child out of a high window in an attempt to kill him), around this time decides to turn his life around and become a better man. He also in the books doesn't believe in raping women and even saved Brienne of Tarth from being raped when they were being held prisoner away from King's Landing. But in the TV show, it seems like he raped Cersei, which most people are arguing is out of character for him.

Here's where I disagree. I don't think it's out of character for him. The man pushed Bran Stark from a window and meant to kill him. He ended up maiming him for life, and gets away with it. To me, for him to turn to rape after practically murdering a little boy (for his own selfish reasons, nonetheless) isn't much of a stretch. They are both bad crimes. One isn't much different or better than the other one, and to me, if a person can murder someone, they sure as hell can rape someone.

He could turn his life around all he wants, but at the end of the day, this man is a murderer. Also, he sick in the head, because he sleeps with his SISTER. Yuck. Yes, he did some good deeds afterwards, but that still doesn't erase his incestuous, murderous ways.

I guess he goes on a hardcore mission to redeem himself in the books (I haven't read them). He has yet to do that in the show. I don't care what he does - he could cure cancer... but in my eyes, he's still a child pushing incestuous murderer. How anyone can defend him, or call his actions on the TV show a "character assassination" is beyond me. From what I can tell, he's been the same person in the books as he has been on TV. There isn't much of a difference. A murderer is a murderer regardless of what canon you put him in. 

We really need to see what happens next week to make the final decision on Jaime's actions. I'd hate for it to actually be rape, because that would be a game changer on the show in Jaime and Cersei's crazy relationship. I don't know... I guess we'll find out.

Even so, I still think that Game of Thrones is a well written show that truly reflects human nature, in a good and in a bad way. I wish that we all had more morals and didn't do some of the things that are reflected in this show, and on television in general. We have a long way to go as human beings. But until then...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Who knew?

For the longest time, I didn't think that anyone was reading my blog, and then in the last week or so, I've found that on Twitter, I've been added to a bunch of blog lists by fellow Twitterers.

In short, THANK YOU!

I know that my blog isn't all that interesting... I mostly just write about random things that happen to me here and there (and of course, I blog about my beloved Cumberbatch every now and then), but I just wanted to say for all of those who think that my endless ramblings are something worth reading, I thank you.

Anyhoo... life has been rolling along. I've been kind of lazy with my novel, but I'm over 10,000 words. I'm trying to create a character profile for my villain... and it's not that easy. I've been back and forth on who "he" is and what his backstory should be. There are a lot of storylines I can pull from, but I do want to make him sinister and a little crazy, like all good villains should be. "He" currently has half a motive, but I'm trying to come up with something else to go along with it. "He" can't only just be seeking revenge. "His" desire to bring chaos into the world has to be born out of something else as well.

On a sad note, I found out that my dear Cumberbatch may not be in London when I go to visit this fall. I am sad. I was really hoping that he would be performing as Hamlet around that time (instead, he won't definitely be doing that until August of 2015). Perhaps I could just stroll through his neighborhood and he'll just happen to be there??? We'll see. I'm not going to get my hopes up or anything... but I am hopeful.

Other than that, life is good. I can't wait to go to Atlanta and Seattle. Vacations are so exciting!

PS - I just had to throw in this video from Zoolander... just when you are feeling like you need to sort through some important issues, an ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO is there to lift you up!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Summer Ever

So... this summer is going to be off the heezy! Why??? Because I'll be travelling the whole time...


I haven't taken a real vacation since June 2006, when I went to visit San Francisco with my sister. I know... shame on me for not getting out more. Since then, I have taken weekend trips to Atlanta, New York City and Atlantic City, but this time, I'll be taking some REAL vacations and spending my time away from work travelling to these wonderful places:

Atlanta, Georgia

Memorial Day weekend will be the start of my vacation season. I'll be visiting my friend Jeannine again for the weekend. It's not technically a "vacation", but I'll be getting away from good 'ol Washington, DC, and spending time with her and her family. I might actually spend the weekend in Albany, GA with her husband's family, doing some country stuff like shooting guns and riding around on an ATV. I've never done anything like that before... and even though it sounds a little like not exactly what I would do on vacation... I'm thinking that it'll be fun, though. Because ATV's are awesome, lol. After that, I'm headed to...

Seattle, Washington

I've never been here! And I miss the West Coast. I'll be here for 4th of July weekend with my friend Anne. Lots of stuff to see here... the Pike Place Market, the first ever Starbucks, Voodoo Doughnut (a day trip to Portland is in the itinerary) and we'll also be taking a cruise around Puget Sound (money permitting). And of course, we'll be hitting up Mr. Space Needle as well. And then lastly, I'll be going to three different places in the United Kingdom...

Manchester, England

Remember when I blogged about winning $2K in prize money for travel at my company's X-mas party? Well, I plan to spend that money on a trip overseas, starting on my birthday in September (for two whole weeks!!!!). I won't be going to Paris (waaaaaah... another time), but I'll be all over England and Scotland. My first stop is going to be Manchester, where my friend Dawn's husband, Andy, is from. He's from a small town here called Wigan. I'm crossing my fingers in the hopes that we'll see a soccer (aka football) match and drink lots of beer with the townies (lol). From there, it's off to...

Edinburgh, Scotland

I just want to see a castle, and pretend that it is mine! We are going to spend the weekend here. Perhaps I'll see a few people in kilts. And hopefully I'll have some money to buy one (we'll see). And perhaps I'll talk to some Scottish guys who'll have accents so thick that I won't know what the hell they are saying. And perhaps I'll eat some haggis. Yes, haggis, aka sheep intestines. EW. Well, at least it's cooked. And then, my last stop will be...

London, England

Oh, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to go here! It's the home of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge, and of course, this lovely man pictured below:

Sadly, I found out that he won't be portraying Hamlet on stage until next year. So, he may not be in London when I'm there (ugh... depressing). I think at this point in time an act of God would have to put him in the city at the same time that I'm there, since he likes to work all of the time and then spend his free time in NYC. Perhaps I'll get lucky and he'll be in town that week. We'll see.

Even if he's not there, I'll still have a good time. I'll definitely be hitting up the Sherlock Holmes museum and be paying a visit to the street that they film the BBC's Sherlock on. Man, I love that show. And instead of meeting my dear Cumberbatch,  maybe I'll pass by Prince William and Kate Middleton! Or meet Daniel Craig! Pipe dreams, yes I know. But who knows. It could happen, people!

So that's my summer. I forsee myself being insanely broke by the time I come home from the U.K., but honestly, I think it'll all be worth it. And I promise to update my Twitter and Instagram feeds with lots of pics so everyone can see what I'm up to when I'm visiting all of these places.

Now I just have to get my passport and buy some luggage... I know! I'm so lazy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So many goals... so little time.

I wonder if I'll be able to reach the ones that I really want. It seems like yesterday that I had just graduated from college (undergrad) and started looking for a full time job in my field of choice at the time that would set me up on the career path that I wanted to take. 

That was about 11 or so years ago. My career path wasn't exactly clearly defined at the time... actually, I was just hoping to get a foot in the door at company where I could just work. I did get a job as a receptionist at a health care center. About 4 months after graduation, I got a job working in the health field and I considered taking steps working towards a career in that field, since my degree was somewhat health related (I majored in Psychology and was I interested in mental "health").

Plans changed, after I realized that it wasn't for me.

I ended up working at Barnes and Noble for awhile after that, and now I'm working for a gov't contractor. Being an analyst is provides me with some mental stimulation, as I have to find anomalies in some of the work I do (and then weed them out), but it's not all it's cracked up to be. It's fine for now, though.

I guess I was just thinking about how when you are young you have so many goals and dreams and aspirations in your life, and sometimes it takes you awhile to get going on them. I don't regret any of the jobs I've had or the path I've taken in my life so far - I think I've learned a lot and I've grown as a person as a result of that. But I'm highly interested at this point in time in taking a sharp turn away from everything I've been doing and move on to something else. 

I've been delaying the inevitable. 

I think fear takes over sometimes and prevents us from reaching out and taking steps towards our dream goals. I know it has for me. But I'm getting too old and too frustrated to just accept my life the way it is and keep going. There's still a lot of time left. 

Hmmm. Perhaps I'll meditate on it tonight, and see where my crazy analytical brain takes me.

PS - Sorry if this post sounds a little vague... it's just how my brain is working this evening.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch, King of the Photobombers

Yep, that's my boy in the background, photobombing U2 at the Oscars last night. And then...

... he turned around and did it again later on in the evening. LOL. He's so wonderful :)

PS - He sat next to Brad and Angelina at the Oscars all night long! Lucky!